The Basic Posture of Archery

When shooting an arrow, posture is also very important. The action of shooting an arrow is broken down into five links: "standing-preparing-raising the bow-opening the bow-releasing and closing". And the two processes of "solid momentum" and "targeting" that are carried out simultaneously with these five links.

The following explains in detail:

  1. Standing: reviewing targets and selecting positions. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulders. The soles of the feet are close to the ground, and the ten toes are aligned with the soles of the feet. The knees are straight, the patella is slightly lifted, and the buttocks are lightly clamped. The waist is straight, the chest is open, the neck is straight, and the head is straight.
  2. Preparation: Take an arrow. Hold the bow in the opposite position and buckle the strings in the opposite position. Concentrate, quietly. Say the hint silently. Turn the head to the target, and the three-axis direction remains unchanged.
  3. Raise the bow: Raise the bow from the sagittal plane with the front and back hands at the same time, aiming the quasi-centre at the lower area of ​​the yellow heart. Lock the front shoulders and sink the back shoulders. Loose chest and tight back. The right forearm rests on the zygomatic, and the right wrist joint stops at the nasal criterion. Except for the fingers of the string, the right arm was relaxed all at once.
  4. Open the bow: Simply use the back muscles and open the bow straight backwards. The plane of the bow always coincides with the sagittal plane, opening the bow softly and leaning on the string smoothly. Form a hard baseline.
  5. Spreading: Continue to unconsciously "click-Spreading" during the opening of the bow. The buckle refers to the retreat of the sliding string. The string arm moves to the rear along the inertia,
  6. Retraction: Keep the force and posture unchanged after release, and watch the arrow to the bull's-eye. Give feedback on technical feelings and slowly drop the bow.
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