Left Hand Bow Basics

In a left-hand bow, the riser is designed to be held by the archer's right hand, allowing the left hand to draw the string.

In a left-hand bow, the top limb (closest to the string) is designed to be pulled by the left hand, while the bottom limb (farthest from the string) is operated by the right hand.

In a left-hand bow, the arrow rest is typically positioned on the left side of the bow, allowing the arrow to be aligned with the left hand and drawn using a left-handed shooting technique.

For a left-hand bow, the sight and stabilizer attachments are positioned to accommodate the left-handed shooting style, allowing the archer to aim and stabilize the bow effectively.

Welcome to our Left Hand Bow:

It's important to note that when purchasing a bow, you can usually specify whether you need a left-hand or right-hand model. It's crucial to choose the appropriate bow based on your dominant hand to ensure comfortable and safe shooting.
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