How Outdoor Enthusiasts Choose First Archery Bow

For new archers, it is recommended to start with recurve bow. The “recurve” of the bow name is one shape of archery bows, exactly to say that the bow limb bends in the opposite direction, so it is called recurve bow.

  1. Shape and structure

There are 2 options in the bows’shape and structure: with arrow rest, without arrow rest.

The traditional recurve bow which with arrow rest, focus on hunting bow, use Mediterranean shooting way (three finger release);

Without arrow rest bows: Turkish bow, England longbow, Mongolian Bow,China Ming Xiaoshao bows and Qing Bow and etc. Mostly use Mongolian shooting (thumb release).

For beginners, we recommend to use hunting bow (with arrow rest), such as: competition recurve bow and modern hunting bow:

1) MXG, The bow is lightweight, fashionable, mainly use for competition.

2)XKYY, The bow is with metal bow handle, heavy and has strong power.

     2. Pounds

It is recommended to choose the lowest or the second lowest pounds to practice, that is to say, the strength needed to start the practice when pulling the bow. Generally men start at 30lbs / 20 lbs, and women start at 20lbs /15 lbs.

Firstly learn how to block the subconscious force of the arm, If use 30lbs bow directly, you will form the bad habit of exerting force on the arm easily.

Choose the pounds you can pull for 10 seconds without shaking. If you can't pull for less than 10 seconds, we don't recommend you to buy.

When you practice the posture and movement well, you also familiar with your own skills and strength, now you can increase pounds when shooting.


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